We are a family run club, who prides ourselves over a friendly atmosphere. We are all enthusiastic about what we do and are willing to help you out to improve as a person as well as a judoka. When you join our big family you have the opportunity to learn judo by our fully trained and experienced coaches, who are:

  • Paul Jones – Head Coach
  • Jason Fraser – Assistant Head Coach
  • Peter Morgan – Coach
  • Fiona Fraser – Office / Coach

Our Judo Club provides judo coaching for all school children and adults, from beginners up to advanced standard. The lessons would operate throughout the school terms on a Saturday.

Each fun packed lesson is £6.50, with the possibility to purchase your very own Judo kit (cash only).

The History Of The School

The club was founded in 1999 by Paul. The first lesson started with twenty children attending one lesson a week, but within a couple of years the club had grown to three lessons a week! Later, the club had seven lessons a week with a membership of over one hundred and fifty players at the Rucstall Primary School in, Basingstoke, Hampshire. We now are at our new venue of which you can find in the contact us page, with a modest 4 different lessons with a range of age and experience.

The club has produced five national medallists since being founded, the latest being Shelly Ludford, who has made club history by being the youngest national medallist in the club at twelve years old and also being the first gold national medallist. This is a great achievement for Shelly and still competing around the world to this day.

Over the years the club has been very successful as a competing team, winning the Basingstoke League for three years, then went on to win the Hampshire league representing Basingstoke in the Hampshire finals.

The club has won the Hampshire and Isle of Wight Games three years in a row, and also won the inter club championships held Camberley Judo Club, beating Paul’s old club Camberley Judo club. This event was won three years in a row.

Amongst its achievements the club has produced ten black belts with five players achieving their belts in a line up.