Strange times indeed!

The last 7 months have been a very interesting time for all, we finished our last Judo session mid March, we managed to do a solo distanced open air Judo morning at the end of July, which was great. Great to see so many club members come and join in, we had a few sessions and because it was solo training, we had mixed ages as well as parents joining in, so a real family vibe, which is what I strive for my club. Classes started back on the 5th September, we’ve had to put in new processes – online booking, pre-covid checks prior to classeses and creating classes that are fun as well as ensuring we feel like we are doing Judo, even though we are unable to have full contact. So yes, the time is strange and classes are a little different, but its enabling us to focus on our core techniques, focus on those areas that we often rush through. I’m thoroughly enjoying it, and feedback from my classes, my Judoka’s seem to be too.

Lastly welcome back to my members as well as to the new members that have joined this September… actually its a great time to join!

See you on the mats

Judo Paul